How do I get late payment entries removed?

Get your payments in order.

Late payments are terrible for your credit score. There are, however, ways to make sure you optimise your credit score performance.

COVID-19 and your credit report

It’s not really the late payment itself that damages your credit report. It’s more about how late you were with your payment that is recorded.

How do I get the late payment entries removed?

If your credit score is showing that you have late payment entries, this is extremely important to rectify.

By communicating with the lender/credit provider about these issues, if necessary, you can always also work towards getting the problematic late payment entries removed from your credit history profile.

If you believe that the lender has failed to make their best effort, you may consider informing the lender in writing of your dispute and what it is that they may do to resolve your matters.

You may include information about your:

  • Bill payments, and include information about your current up to date payments.
  • Change in life circumstances. Perhaps you had an accident and could not work for a month or two, and therefore couldn’t make timeous payments.
  • Your preferred outcome, and your offer to continue to adhere to a regular payment plan.

Communicate with the lender.

If you received a late payment notice on your credit report, one way to make the payment timely is to call the lender and explain that you were unaware that it was due (or that the amount was greater than what you could pay) and see if he or she will remove it.

Another good idea is to tell them the amount you can currently afford which should be much less than whatever figure is triggered in their system when they pull up your account.

Try to negotiate

  • The law isn’t always black and white. For example, in some cases, if you can provide evidence of special circumstances which create hardship for you , the judge will take that into account when setting your payment amount so it doesn’t hurt your budget too much.
  • There's a smart way to make sure your payments are automatically taken care of. You can partner with one or more of your professional service providers and commit to one of the payment plans they offer by going through them directly each month.
  • Social media is a hugely powerful network. So, instead of taking it personally and harboring a grudge, offer to give them a fantastic review on social media and tell everyone how great the experience was if they remove the listing. By being extremely positive, you can convert a bad situation into an even more powerful sales boost!

The late payment entries should be removed automatically after the relevant number of days. You can check this by looking at the dates on the payment entries screen and seeing if they have turned into dates that are in the past. If the dates haven't changed, please contact us and we will check this for you.

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